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Welcome to The LOOP

A productive source of entertainment and the best way to fill kids' time and minds. It's nothing like a hotline, although the fun is on the phone. 
Think cutting-edge voice recognition and breakthrough interactive technology. Think skill-building, confidence-boosting, wholesome, hilarious, heartwarming, adventure-filled fun.
It is possible for kids to be entertained in a productive way. 
Your children will gain valuable skills while having a great time.

What’s The Scoop In The LOOP?

Here’s a quick peek:

The Story Spot

Listen to gripping serial stories, intriguing true short stories and meshalim. This is where LoopKids can also join exciting storytelling competitions!

Loop & Learn Gaming

Where LoopKids play fast-paced and fun Torah games, complete with songs, heart-throbbing timers, and risk-taking dares that challenge their knowledge of Tanach, gedolim and halachah.

Use Your Noodle!

Where LoopKids participate in activities that harness brain power, skill and talent!

The Game Room

The center for good old-fashioned fun! Even here, LoopKids flex memory, pacing and sequencing muscles!

The Situation Room

LoopKids stay in the know with a limited selection of age appropriate news and current developments.

The Loopkid Plaza

LoopGirls around the globe share ideas and dreams together in The Girls’ World, while LoopBoys find their favorites in The Boys’ World!

The Loop Studio

Where LoopKids’ talents take flight and their confidence soars through singing, acting and CD production!

The Junior Section

LoopKids under 8 years old find loads of fun here, with exclusive age-appropriate stories, raffles, and activities.

Live Hour

LoopKids can call into “The 7 O’clock Schmooze,” a live learning game where every LoopKid is an active participant! The host, veteran mechanech Rabbi Motty Zeiger, introduces you to fascinating guests and topics and keeps you learning and earning for the full magical hour. Live Hour season is Sukkos until Pesach, Sunday evenings at 7:00 p.m.

The Raffle Arena

LoopKids are motivated to learn and gain from The Loop's wholesome features by earning Loopoints in their personal accounts to spend in the Raffle Arena.

Top-Notch Talent

We scoured the globe to bring the greatest storytellers, entertainers, script writers and sound techs into the Loop.

Something for Everyone

Tailor-made content perfectly caters to each age and stage. Visit the Boys' World, Girls' World, and junior Division... even adults will find themselves looped!

Endless Entertainment

The Loop is updated all week, every week so there's always something new to play, hear, and learn.

Character Building

Sing your heart out and build confidence while creating your own CD. Join live game shows and broaden your mind with fun facts about the world around you.
Car Trips?

And just about anything else … 
The Loop is the Solution!

…except maybe who’s turn it is for the phone.

Don’t be left out 
of The Loop!

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